Even the very best sports surfaces need maintenance over time. A high volume of use will wear away sports surfaces, making them dangerous to use. This is especially prominent on tennis courts.

Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis Court Repairs

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Here at Tennis Court Repairs, we are specialists in tennis court maintenance, experts who have repaired over 2 million metres of surfacing throughout the UK.

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With Wimbledon coming around every year, there is always an influx of budding tennis players looking to improve their skills to see if they could be the next Andy Murray.

With our tennis court repair, we will get your tennis court surfacing to a pro-standard, giving your users all the ammunition to play a perfect game.

Below we will go through some of the main reasons you need to maintain your tennis court surfaces and other sports surfaces regularly.

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Tennis Court Repairs have many years of experience in maintaining and repairing rundown tennis courts. 

Our team of tennis court resurfacing experts can transform your sub-optimal tennis court and restore it back to perfect playing conditions. 

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Why Is Regular Tennis Court Maintenance Important?

It is important to provide your tennis courts with regular maintenance to ensure you’re getting the best performance attributes from your sports facility and more importantly, users are completely safe.

When choosing a specialist for your tennis court maintenance services, it is important to ensure they have all of the necessary certificates to prove they will leave your surface repairs of the highest quality they can be.

Why Is Regular Tennis Court Maintenance Important_

There are different types of flooring materials used on tennis court surfaces such as synthetic turf, polymeric macadam, and artificial clay; these will all need to be renovated over time.

Other tennis court maintenance services such as line markings, anti-slip colour coating, and water drainage systems should all be attended to.

These tennis court maintenance renovations all come under a quote we can give you for your tennis court repair costs.

Types of Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis court repairs are essential for maintaining the playing surface and ensuring player safety.

Various types of repairs and tennis court servicing may be required over time, depending on the court’s construction materials and usage.

Here are some common types of tennis court repairs:

    • Court Crack Repair: Cracks can develop on the court surface due to weather conditions, settling, or other factors. These cracks need to be filled and sealed to prevent them from getting larger and causing tripping hazards.
    • Resurfacing: Over time, the playing surface of a tennis court can wear out, become uneven, or develop imperfections. Resurfacing involves applying a new layer of acrylic or other court surface material, like an artificial grass court or a clay court, to restore the playing surface to its original condition.
    • Colour Coating: The colour coating on a tennis court can fade or wear off over time. Reapplying the colour coating not only enhances the court’s appearance but also provides better visibility of lines and boundaries.
    • Line Repainting: The lines on a tennis court can become faded or chipped. Repainting the lines is necessary for accurate play and to meet regulation standards.
    • Net Replacement: Tennis nets can degrade over time due to exposure to the elements and wear and tear. Replacing the net and adjusting its height and tension is essential for proper gameplay.
    • Fence Repair: If your tennis court has surrounding fencing, it may require repairs due to damage or wear. This can involve fixing or replacing damaged sections, repairing gates, and ensuring the fence is secure and safe.
    • Surface Levelling: Tennis courts can develop uneven surfaces due to settling or weather-related factors. Surface levelling may be necessary to ensure a consistent and safe playing experience.
    • Post and Net Adjustments: Check and adjust the height and alignment of net posts to ensure they meet regulations and provide the correct net tension.
    • Drainage System Maintenance: Proper drainage is crucial to prevent water from accumulating on the court surface. Periodic cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system can prevent water-related damage.
    • Graffiti Removal: In urban areas, tennis courts may be susceptible to graffiti. Regular cleaning and graffiti removal are essential for aesthetics and safety.
    • Wind Damage Repair: After severe storms or strong winds, assess the court for damage such as torn nets, damaged fencing, or debris on the court surface.
    • General Maintenance: Regular cleaning, sweeping, and inspection for hazards like loose objects, debris, or surface imperfections can help prevent the need for major repairs.
    Tennis court repairs and tennis court servicing should be conducted by experienced professionals who understand the specific requirements of tennis court maintenance.

Costs of Tennis Court Surface Repair in Barking

The cost of tennis court repairs can vary widely depending on several factors.

On average, a tennis court surface repair will cost between £3,500 to £10,000.

Here are some of the key factors that can influence the cost of tennis court repairs:

  • Type and Extent of Damage: The most significant factor in determining repair costs is the type and extent of damage to the tennis court. Minor repairs like crack filling and line repainting will generally be less expensive than major repairs such as resurfacing or replacing the entire playing surface.
  • Court Surface Material: The material used for the court surface can greatly affect repair costs. Common materials include asphalt, concrete, and synthetic materials like acrylic, artificial turf or cushioned surfaces. The cost of materials and labour can vary based on the chosen surface.
  • Court Size and Complexity: Larger tennis courts, such as those used for professional play or multiple courts at a tennis club, will require more materials and labour, resulting in higher repair costs. Additionally, courts with more complex features, like multiple playing surfaces or additional amenities, can be more expensive to repair.
  • Location and Accessibility: The location of the tennis court can impact repair costs. If the court is in a remote area or difficult to access, transportation of materials and equipment may add to the overall expense. Urban areas with higher labour and material costs may also see higher repair costs.
  • Frequency of Maintenance: Regular maintenance can help prevent major repair issues. Courts that have been well-maintained may require fewer and less costly repairs over time compared to neglected courts.
  • Contractor Rates: The rates charged by contractors or repair professionals can vary based on their experience, reputation, and location. Obtaining multiple quotes from different contractors can help you find the best value for your repair needs.
  • Weather and Climate: Climate conditions in the area can affect repair costs. Courts in regions with extreme weather conditions may require more frequent repairs due to temperature fluctuations, freeze-thaw cycles, or excessive rainfall.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that the repaired court meets regulatory standards and specifications can add to the overall cost, as it may require specific materials or methods.
  • Additional Features: If the tennis court has additional features such as lighting, wind screens, or spectator seating, repairing or replacing these elements can also contribute to the overall cost.
  • Quality of Materials: The quality of materials used for repairs can affect both the immediate cost and the long-term durability of the court. Higher-quality materials may come with a higher initial cost but can result in lower maintenance and repair costs over time.
  • Labour Costs: Labour costs can vary based on the complexity of the repair and the skill level of the workers. Skilled professionals may charge higher rates for their expertise.
  • Inflation and Market Conditions: Economic factors, including inflation and fluctuations in the construction industry, can influence the cost of materials and labour over time.

To get an accurate estimate for tennis court repairs, it’s essential to assess the specific condition of the court, consult with experienced contractors or professionals, and consider all the factors mentioned above.

Regular maintenance and addressing minor issues promptly can help prevent more significant and costly repairs in the future.

Benefits of a Tennis Court Repair

There are many benefits associated with repairing tennis courts. These include:

  • Saves money by avoiding more costly repairs in the future.
  • Little maintenance involved.
  • Creates a consistent and playable surface.
  • Lower possibility of wear and tear.
  • Most courts can be played all year round.
  • You will enjoy using a repaired court more than a damaged one. 
  • Maintains the safety of the players using the court.
  • Enables the best playing conditions which will help players improve. 

How Often Should a Tennis Surface Be Repaired?

Tennis courts are different from other sports surfaces and need to be resurfaced every 4 to 8 years.

If proper court repairs in Barking are not completed, performances will not be as great as their potential.

If your tennis courts are experiencing severe decline or specific surface damage, they may need resurfacing more frequently.

Common Tennis Court Repairs in Barking

There are various tennis court maintenance services that will help you repair the condition of your courts. These include:


To keep your tennis courts in Barking Greater London in their top condition, regular cleaning must be completed to remove any dirt, debris, and contaminants.

Your sports surface could be covered in macadam, polymeric, or artificial grass, but it will still need the proper maintenance at scheduled times for the surface to continue to perform how it should. Regular cleaning will also prevent any flooding or damage.

Cleaning any tennis court surface type will extend your court’s life span and improve safety. Removing debris from these synthetic surfaces regularly will prevent any potential blockages that could occur.

Blockages of the drain system will stop water from draining, leaving your sports surface waterlogged and unsafe for use.

Line Painting

If you have a brand new ground material installed at your facility in either polymeric or macadam surfacing, it will often have a bright coloured anti-slip coating applied to the sports surface.

This not only gives your facility a fun and exciting look but enhances the safety features of your tennis surface.

These anti-slip paint coatings usually come in one of three options:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Contrasting lines are used so multiple different sports and activities can be played on the same surface. With heavy use and damage caused by weather, over time your bright colouring will begin to fade and wear away, leaving you with an unsafe slippery surface not suitable for use.

Rather than getting the entire sports surface of your facility renovated, a more cost-effective option is having the surface repainted.

New Surface

Lots of sports clubs, schools and facilities need their tennis courts resurfacing, transforming old worn out sports courts into high-quality sports grounds that can be enjoyed by everyone who uses it.

Damage caused due to weather and high volumes of use over time can leave your tennis court surfaces looking tired and grim, not performing how they should be. Problems like this can also affect the safety of your tennis courts becoming unusable for anyone.

When it comes you have your tennis court resurfaced there are several options that you can choose from, each with individual properties that suit different sports courts:

  • Macadam sports courts – This is a hard court usually fitted in schools and can also be used as an all-purpose facility, great for basketball, football, netball, and more.
  • Polymeric rubber surfacing – Made from a mixture of EPDM rubber and a binding agent, these polymeric surfaces are used on courts for various activities.
  • Sand-filled synthetic turf – Synthetic grass surfacing with a layer of sand with synthetic fibres that keep your sports grounds even throughout gameplay. Sand-filled pitches can be used for hockey and football.

Moss and Algae Removal

Moss and algae can build up on any tennis surface in Barking Greater London. They love damp areas and should be cleaned with specialist equipment rather than just being blasted with a power washer.

Growth in your facility is usually a sign of a deep routed problem underneath the tennis court.

When we perform maintenance and cleaning on any tennis court, we initially remove all of the debris and clear out any blocked areas that can cause blockages causing water build-up.

Our cleaning service will prevent the disintegration of your tennis grounds as well as the reappearance of algae and moss. A properly clean hard court will deter any further algae problems you may be facing.

Synthetic grass tennis court maintenance such as Savanna, Sporturf, and Tenniturf can all be kept damp and growth free with regular brushing from one of our rotary brush machines every month.

Anti-Slip Coating

Finally, one of the most common tennis court repairs is the addition of acrylic, anti-slip paint. This coating is usually sprayed on top of macadam courts to finish the process.

These specialist paints can be applied in lots of different colours with our design service. Bright colours include red, green, and blue.

The addition of this slip-resistant acrylic will improve the grip and traction of the ground, enhancing the facility’s performance qualities better for a variety of sports in Greater London.

If your sports facility is going to be used for a range of different sports, line markings in contrasting colours can be applied great for courts playing basketball, netball, and more!

Slips can be prevented from general cleaning and regular maintenance. Not only will cleaning remove any residue such as wet leaves and debris that could be slippery, but it will also extend the life expectancy of your tennis grounds.

Our experts can also implement slip-resistant paint to make your court look better and perform better!

Tennis Court Surface Lifespan

On average, a tennis court surface can last for around 10 years, and the painting typically lasts for around 5 years, before they need resurfacing. 

6 factors that affect the life span of your tennis court!

A lot of varying factors determine the life span of the tennis courts. Things such as:

  • Incorrect slope – This will create pools and ponding of water plus, early disruption of the acrylic surfacing system.
  • Inadequate compaction – This makes the sports surface susceptible to distorting, dampness, damage, cracking, and more.
  • Incorrect/missing drainage system – Not having the correct drainage system in place could end up with a backup of water, amongst other problems, like surface bubbles/blisters, fast surface wear, and more.

If you have an acrylic tennis court, then maintenance will be at a minimum. This surface needs the least work done to it all year round but here are a few tips on how you can extend the life of your colour coating:

  • Debris removal – Removal of debris such as leaves, pine needles, and any other organic elements that could build up on your sports courts. This build-up can cause faster wear on sports surfaces.
  • Trim edges – Make sure that you trim grass, dirt, and vegetation around the edge of the court. These simple tasks will prevent potential water build-up that usually drains off the court. Having puddled water will break down the acrylic surfaces a lot sooner than usual, resulting in more frequent resurfacing.
  • Regular cleaning – washing the surface regularly with a light to the moderate pressure washer with mild detergents will help extend the life span of your tennis court and keep the surface looking good.

If you would like to receive advice and even more information on Tennis Court Repairs in Barking, make sure you get in touch with us today!

Can I Repair Tennis Courts Myself?

Repairs should not be completed by just anyone in Barking. Our elite members of staff are fully trained in all aspects of the job, ensuring that no further damage is caused.

Even small jobs that you think can be completed by anyone could leave everlasting damage to your facility, causing more expensive repairs to be needed further down the line.

If you want to perform any jobs on your court, light cleaning such as brushing away leaves and debris are great ways to extend your sports facility’s life expectancy.

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Getting a quote from us couldn’t be easier, fill out our inquiry box on our website, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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Which Type of Surface Is Best for Tennis Courts?

When it comes to the resurfacing you want, there are lots of choices. Synthetic clay, polymeric rubber, and macadam surface are all popular choices perfect for any outdoor or indoor facility.

The most popular choices are hard courts; they can withstand a higher volume of use and accommodate more sports making them perfect for schools and sports clubs.

At Tennis Court Repairs, we can assist you with the best specifications, costs and prices. Make sure you contact us today for a number of great Tennis Court Repairs in Barking Greater London.


Having your tennis court repaired has a range of benefits including increased safety for players and less chance of wear and tear. 

Here at Tennis Cout Repairs, we can offer quality installation and professional repairs for tennis courts based across the UK. 

Our team of experts have years of experience, so you can rest assured that your tennis court will be installed to the utmost quality. 

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